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Paint Errors

Postby dcuny » Sat Jan 13, 2007 8:05 am

It's probably something that I've done, but I've got compilation errors in a number of routines. It probably wont make any difference, because I should be able to use a precompiled version of JPatch to create the animation, and then use my version to render it. But I'll post this anyway:

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   public void paint(Graphics g, int y, Map<MotionKey, TrackView.KeyData> selection, MotionKey[] hitKeys) {   
      // don't paint anything
The error is with paint:
Name clash: The method paint(Graphics, int,
Map<MotionKey,TrackView.KeyData>, MotionKey[]) of type HeaderTrack has
the same erasure as paint(Graphics, int,
Map<MotionKey,TrackView.KeyData>, MotionKey[]) of type Track<M> but
does not override it

In the error is with JPatchTreeNode:
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public class SelectionTreeNode implements JPatchTreeNode {
I get the warning:
The type JPatchTreeNode cannot be a superinterface of SelectionTreeNode;
a superinterface must be an interface

In I get the error on binarySearch:
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   public int getIndexOf(MotionKeyNew motionKey) {
      return Collections.<MotionKeyNew>binarySearch(list, motionKey);
The error is:
The parameterized method <MotionKeyNew>binarySearch(List<? extends
Comparable<? super MotionKeyNew>>, MotionKeyNew) of type Collections
is not applicable for the arguments (List<MotionKeyNew>, MotionKeyNew)
There have been compilation errors in the code for some time, and I've ignored them, because I've been concentrating on the renderer.

The TransformTreeNode class seems to be completely borked up. It's complaining the methods getChildren, getObject, and some other stuff in the class is broken.

I guess the bottom line is that I should move my Inyo changes back into the main branch once I'm done with the animation... :roll:
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