Getting progress from Inyo

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Getting progress from Inyo

Postby dcuny » Thu Jun 22, 2006 6:00 pm

Inyo wasn't reporting progress back to JPatch because of the classic stupid Java bug: dividing two int values returns a rounded value. :x

The method RtRayTracer::trace needs three corrections:
  • On line 44, estimateCount needs to be declared a float.
  • On line 491, estimateRemaining needs to be declared a float.
  • On lines 554 and 662, the literal 1 should be 1f (not strictly necessary).
That'll take care of the problem.

I'll look into making Inyo's rendering progressive. Right now, the code is pretty monolithic it stores a lot of results for applying "smart" anti-aliasing. I should be able to pull that into a seperate class.

I'm also looking for a good solution to the terminator problem, where Inyo mistakenly renders some triangles solid black. I have a quick hack for it , but I'd prefer to have something a bit more elegant, since that hack removes an optimization and slows down rendering time a bit.
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