[Bug] bones do not appear when .jpt file is opened

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[Bug] bones do not appear when .jpt file is opened

Postby paul » Fri Apr 21, 2006 4:09 am

Observed in JPatch 0.5.2.

Sometimes, when opening a .jpt file which should have bones, the bones don't appear. Examining the .jpt file in the text editor, the bones still exist, they just aren't loaded.

Here's a portion of the file that I was trying to open:
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                                        <point nr="228" x="0.0" y="-0.072558075" z="0.0383986"/>
                <selection name="*extruded points #1">
                <selection name="*extruded points #3">
                <selection name="*mirrored extruded points #3">
                        <bone name="Left ankle">
                                <parent id="13"/>
                                <end x="0.3764345" y="0.070020124" z="-0.7043841"/>
                                <color r="0.0" g="0.0" b="1.0"/>

Misreading "selection" as "skeleton", I deleted the three <selection> blocks that were in the file, and the bones loaded the next time I opened it.

Repeatedly reopening the the "before" and "after" files seems to be consistent -- with the <selection>s, the bones don't load, without them, they do. That shouldn't have worked, but it did. Sometimes, it really pays not to pay attention.

f_a_posed_test.jpt: loads bones properly
f_a_posed_test.jpt.bkp: doesn't load bones
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Postby sascha » Fri Apr 21, 2006 7:17 am

Thanks for that information, I have found the reason:
In the first selection (*extruded points #1), there is a controlpoint with number "-1" - so during loading the importer quits with an "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" :?

It seems that this point has been deleted from the model, but not from the selection - meaning that the selection contains a point that is no longer there - and when saving the file it got the number "-1".

I'll see if I can find the bug (much of the related code will undergo changes once we merge Torfs "new hooks" implementation back into the main branch, and I'm awere of a lot of troubles, so there will definitely be an extended testing and bugfixing phase before releasing version 0.6, which should be "stable" again).
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