Problem with keyboard shortcuts

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Problem with keyboard shortcuts

Postby sascha » Mon Mar 27, 2006 9:52 pm

I've changed the code that handles keyboard shortcuts to use Input- and ActionMaps (as suggested by the documentation). Unforunately it doesn't work:

Some of the key-shortcuts are alphanumeric keys - the problem is that when a JTextField somewhere in JPatch (e.g. in the tree, the textfield for changing a model's name) has focus, it does not correctly consume all KeyEvents: It does for example consume cursor left/right keys, but not the alphanumeric keys.
If an action bound to the "a" key, this action is triggered also when a JTextField has focus and the user presses "a" when typing in text.

Here's a link to a very short test-application (source) that shows the problem:

Any ideas?
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