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sorry for the late answer. I can't tell from looking at that screenshot. Can you post the model file?
It looks like my own first steps with sPatch :)
Try to follow the rules that define what is a patch and what is not. You have to be very careful about how the splines connect. Each edge of a patch is not simply an edge (like in polygon models), but is a segment of a curve. JPatch uses this information to determine the shape of the patch. Take a look at the example models that come with JPatch and examine how the splines are connected.
Start with very simple shapes (e.g. use the late or extrude tools) and carefully examine them. Human heads for example are one of the most compicated models (as you'll need a lot of 3- and 5-sided patches and hooks), so I'd start with something simple that can be made mostly of 4-sided patches.


Because the old rules led to degenerate patches (which cause a lot of troubles when rendering). I thought that learning patch modeling is difficult enough for new users, and understanding and recognizing what a degenerate patch is might be just too much. So I decided to change the rules and degenerate patches are now invalid and will not be shown/rendered. So you've got at least some kind of feedback (if there is no patch, you know that there's something wrong). At the end I think this will help to create better models, as it will help you understand what kind of patches are ok and what are not.
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