appending models ??

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appending models ??

Postby Guest » Wed Nov 10, 2004 7:29 am

for some strange reason, prob boredom at work - decided to start off my aeroplane again, intending to apply learnt things
reminds me of software development :-)

so i have a series of half x-y cross-sections to import - think eventual mirror on z

aa,bb,cc,dd..... nn all .jpt files

open new file,
append aa.jpt, lock x, lock y
append bb.jpt - size of the griding displayed jumps
such that imported file almost fills display window
scroll with mouse wheel to zoom out
import cc.jpt
scroll with mouse wheel to zoom out
repeat upto nn.jpt

slightly annoying, as i am moving each imported x-section to correct z-location

just a usage annoyance, - shouldn't it be retain current zoom position/ratio ?
or maybe fit model to window - is there a new button for that function ?
maybe call that function at end of 'append model' call ?


Postby sascha » Wed Nov 10, 2004 7:36 am

That sounds like a bug. After loading a model, it zooms to fit the window, but after appending a model it should either fit the whole model to the window or do nothing at all...

Will be fixed, thanks!
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