Digital Puppeteering

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Digital Puppeteering

Postby dcuny » Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:24 pm

I recently ran across a post on the PuppetVision blog about the Hensen Digital Performance System being used for motion capture data for the show Sid the Science Kid:

   From Muppets to Digital Puppets
   Behind the Scenes of Sid the Science Kid

Interesting stuff, although to my mind, motion capture and animation are mutually exclusive. That is, motion capture creates way too many data points, and I'd have to edit the data curves. Animation tends to be sparser, setting keys and letting the computer interpolate between them. This isn't always true, as a lot of animators apparently don't like to let the computer "do the work for them", since they have less control over the results.

I haven't seen any cheap motion capture systems, although people are working on them with consumer level hardware. Daz3D has a Puppeteer control, but the results I've seen from it haven't been impressive. Building up a performance in layers with the controllers Sascha is working on is probably the closest analog we've got for now.
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