Blue Skies now uses Subdivision Surfaces

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Blue Skies now uses Subdivision Surfaces

Postby dcuny » Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:33 pm

Old news, but I thought it might be relevant, since Blue Skies was a big user of NURBS:
For example, Blue Sky’s ray tracer can bounce rays off Bezier patches rather than, as with many ray tracers, only polygonal faces. “We have our own subdivision representation — hierarchical subdivisions that are all parametric patches, continuous curves,” explains Ludwig. Thus, rather than create characters in NURBS and then convert the patches into smooth surfaces made with ever-tinier polygons, the modelers now work with subdivision surfaces.

“The subdivision surfaces gave us a lot of advantages,” says character rigger Steve Unterfrantz. “We no longer have to worry about seams, pinching, and tearing where the NURBS surfaces touch each other. It was a challenge for the animators to create the same performances for the [returning] characters using new models and rigs, but there were so many savings in other ways, it was the logical thing to do.”
So Sascha's not the only one making the leap. :D
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