3D-animation - What for?

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3D-animation - What for?

Postby nine » Mon Jan 30, 2006 7:22 pm

3D-animation - What for?

Sure there are problems everywhere - problems to solve - using 3D-animation to say something - tell something - trying to solve some problems.

Hollywood are trying to talk about general problems - trying to get huge profits.

Hollywood will not tell us about our problems - how to communicate with other people nowadays - they want to master us - trying to split us in different groups - making us to enemies - this is an old plot - the Machiavelli recipe - Google on it.

Hollywood will not tell us other people can be our friends - trying to solve our problems together.

Hollywood is using dialectics - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialectic - and you can do it too - not only to split - but also trying to find something - someones to unite - LOVE! Dialectics is a way to think - but you have to use the emotions also - LOVE! not hate that will do yourself harm... spreading hate is of no good
. instead trying to find some good balance between us - you can benefit from others and they can benefit from you.

We have to make friends using 3D-animation and in our lifetime trying to solve our problems here and now.

Why not take part of the ones trying to find some good solution for all of us:
Sure you can find a lot of other people - trying to do something.

Thinking and feeling a bit you can do something yourself - telling your own story - how to handle our world.
3D-animation - What for?
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