Tony White's "How to Make Animated Films"

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Tony White's "How to Make Animated Films"

Postby dcuny » Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:58 pm

I went down to my local Borders bookstore, and was happy to find two new books on animation.

The first was a two-volume set called Drawn to Life, the long awaited collection of notes by Walt Stanchfield. They'd been available on the internet in various forms, but had been pulled off a couple years ago when his widow decided to compile the notes. The books are quite nice, but more focused on sketching than animation itself. So that was a bit of a disappointment. My favorite bit was a comic showing a caveman critiquing another's cave painting, noting "You wouldn't have made this error if you'd followed the 28 principles of animation."

I was also surprised to find a new book by Tony White with the rather long title "How to Make Animated Films: Tony White's Complete Masterclass on the Traditional Principles of Animation."

In a lot of ways, it covers the same territory as Richard WIlliams' Animator's Survival Kit. I think Richard's book is more comprehensive and a bit cheaper, but I'm considering picking up Tony's anyway. It's designed as a series of lessons to focus on various principles of animation, and is packed with a lot of information. Some chapters are a bit disappointing, such as the one on lipsync (short version: "Buy Magpie Pro"). But on the whole, it's got a lot of great stuff in it. If Richard's book hadn't come out first, I'd have snatched this up immediately.

Here's Tony's Endangered Species.
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