Current status info

The JPatch Documentation Project has been launched in the Wiki. It's aim is to create a complete, in-depth documentation for JPatch. This forum should be used for discussion related to JPatch's documentation.

Current status info

Postby Torf » Sun Nov 27, 2005 6:58 pm

I just wanted to inform you how things are going on with the JDP at the moment, as this is not always obvious when looking at the wiki.
  • The overall structure is ready (see the overview)
  • The Introduction to JPatch is ready (thanks to dcuny)
  • Download and installation instructions are currently only available for Linux (and those still lack the JRE installation instructions). I'm afraid i'm not able to fill in the gaps here on my own.
  • The quick tour through JPatch and its features does not exist, yet. I'm not sure if it wasn't better to merge this with the introduction.
  • The reference is the part I'm working on at the moment. The structure is ready and the descriptions of most of the standard modelling tools have been written (They do need some more work in terms of example graphics, etc., though). Afterwards I'll start to document the different concepts of modelling with JPatch (e.g. splines, patches, selections, ...). I haven't done any animations myself, so I'd be glad if someone who's experienced in this area could take a lead there.
  • The rendering chapter has been greatly enlarged by dcuny. It contains information about using Inyo, POV-Ray and Renderman compliant renderers (the latter still lack some infos). I guess those are the most popular renderers, does anyone know one which should be added, too? I also think that this part would be better placed in the reference section.
  • There aren't any tutorials, yet. I plan on porting some from the old wiki and some external, but that'll have to wait.
  • There are no FAQs either

Feel free to comment on the existing content and the things said above. My own spare time is pretty limited at the moment so progress is slow (but it is progressing :wink:). I'd be very glad if more of you would join dcuny and me, because IMHO the documentation itself would really benefit from many sources of input now that the structure is clear.
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Postby sascha » Sun Nov 27, 2005 8:46 pm

Wow! :D :D :D
Thank you!!!

Thanks Torf, thanks David, and everybody who's helped to set this up - I'm speechless... :)
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Postby pndragon » Mon Nov 28, 2005 1:00 am

I added ShadingRate and ShadingInterpolation. If I there's a mistake, please feel free to speak up.

--- Jim
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