Severe bugs in JPatch 0.5.1

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Severe bugs in JPatch 0.5.1

Postby sascha » Sat Oct 29, 2005 10:04 am

WARNING: Some severe bugs have been found in JPatch 0.5.1 - Don't overwrite existing models with this version of JPatch (see the bug-list in the Wiki). Keep in mind that the 0.5.x versions are development versions and have not been excessively tested. Save often and to different files!

I've already changed the code in two ways:
1. Whenever a file is to be overwritten, it will be backed up (with a trailing "~" in the filename of the backup).
2. Before writing to the file, JPatch serializes the model to XML in memory. Only if serialization was successful the file will be written. Prior versions just opened the file for writing, resulting in an empty file if JPatch exited abnormally during XML serialization.
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