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AM file conversion

Postby KingVidiot » Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:45 am

It's nice to see the new improvemnets in Jpatch.

Is it possible to go from AM to Jpatch and back to AM for certain functions? I figured since the import works the export to MDL should work too. I like the portability of Jpatch, but there are certian plug-ins I love in AM. That's why I would like to go between the two apps. I just need it for MDL files. I don't need the actions and bones, etc. At least not yet.

Thanks. I know you're busy.
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Re: AM file conversion

Postby sascha » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:40 am

Well, currently only A:M import works - and that is limited to geometry.
Since the next version(s) of JPatch will be SDS based, I'm afraid that there won't be an A:M export option.
I'll keep the patch-model import option, in fact the development version does a pretty good job in converting patch-models to subdivision-surfaces.
This is currently limited to old JPatch models, but I may add an option to load A:M models directly (right now you'd have to use JPatch 0.4 and convert from A:M to JPatch format.)

The new version isn't out yet, and it will take some more time.
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